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The water that enters your home through the public supply is considered clean and safe to use for cooking, cleaning, and drinking, but that doesn’t mean it’s pure. In fact, it’s not uncommon for public supply water to have a ton of different inclusions in it, including substances like calcium and magnesium which cause hard water, chemicals like fluoride or chlorine, and many others of a wide variety. While these inclusions are in extremely small amounts, there’s no substitute for having pure and clean water, and that’s what a modern water filtration system can provide.

At BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair, we know water, and we offer a number of different filtration options designed to significantly improve your water quality. We start with a comprehensive water analysis that allows us to see what’s really included in the water flowing through your plumbing. The results of this analysis allow us to create the perfect water filtration solution for your home, which we can then recommend to you. Whether your problems are common and routine or more severe and unique, we can help you clear it up and give you the clean, drinkable water you’ve always wanted. Plus we offer superior workmanship and outstanding customer service so your entire water filtration installation is top notch from start to finish.

High-quality water from any tap in your home is only a phone call away! Dial (702) 830-4180 and talk to the Henderson water filtration experts from BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair today.

Top Reasons to Consider a Whole-Home Water Filtration System

Filtered water doesn’t have to be expensive. While most people think pure water is only available in expensive bottles or jugs from the grocery store, the truth is you can get it at home for mere pennies per gallon. Use it to wash your clothes, clean your dishes, take a shower or bath, or even to cook without worrying about running out and needing to go buy more. You’ll notice a tremendous improvement in your quality of life, all for a minimal overall investment.

Filtered water offers all of the following benefits:

  • Softer skin: Pure water is softer on skin and healthier for hair, which means you’ll start seeing dry skin disappear and hair that’s softer, more vibrant, and healthier than ever before
  • Better-tasting food
  • Softer, cleaner clothes
  • Less strain on water-using appliances
  • Saving money on water costs: No more buying flat after flat of expensive water bottles or polluting the environment with pounds of single-use plastic. Instead, get clean water right from the tap anywhere in your home!

Water filtration systems are a great choice for your home because they actually physically remove inclusions from your water using a variety of filtration techniques. Unlike other quality improvement systems which add more to your water to change the taste or improve the color, these systems actually remove the inclusions which cause the problem in the first place, leaving you with nothing but pure, great-tasting water. And most whole home filtration systems are even easy to use and maintain—they require no additional energy, no frequent media changes, and only mild maintenance every few years to continue working flawlessly.

Want to learn more about bringing filtered water to your home? Contact BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair today.

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