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Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Plans with BEST Air Plumbing Repair

Helping Henderson & Las Vegas Property Owners Protect Their Investment

Making sure that your air conditioning and heating units are kept in proper working order is one of the best ways to stave off costly repairs and total system replacements. Keeping up to date on annual maintenance will help your machines running at peak condition, and will keep your bank account from taking an unnecessary hit after too much neglect. Out experienced Las Vegas HVAC and plumbing experts at BEST Air Plumbing Repair are ready to help!

On top of preventing repairs to broken or malfunctioning parts, keeping your heating and cooling units running smooth with annual maintenance will help keep your annual costs down as well. A well-oiled machine takes less energy to do its job, which means that you’ll be saving money every time you turn it on. In some cases, the savings on your utility bill will more than make up for the cost of preventative maintenance.

When you participate in our Planned Maintenance Program, our expert techs perform various routine tasks, including:

  • Check evaporator coil
  • Lubricate fan motor
  • Set manifold pressure
  • Monitor expansion valve
  • Check start and run capacitors
  • Test fan limit switch
  • Clean evaporator drain
  • Check start and run delays
  • Clean blower wheel
  • Adjust bypass dampers
  • Monitor refrigerant level
  • Inspect valves
  • Clean or replace filters
  • Adjust operating pressures
  • Check flue
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Measure voltage differences
  • Check flame baffle
  • Evaluate safety controls
  • Measure amperage draw
  • Clean combustion chamber
  • Measure temperature difference
  • Clean and adjust burners
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Evaluate vent system
  • Test thermocouple
  • Adjust thermostat calibration
  • Set burner adjustment
  • Check combustion air
  • Check fan blades for tightness
  • Measure gas input

The benefits of participating in our Planned Maintenance Program include:

  • Reduced cooling and heating costs
  • Improved home protection
  • Improved equipment efficiency
  • Increased equipment life span
  • Ability to transfer agreement
  • Improved dependability
  • Discounted repair services

Most importantly, when you join our Planned Maintenance program, you become a priority customer. We are ready to take care of your every heating, cooling, and plumbing need.

Service at Your Convenience, Not Ours

Contact BEST Air Plumbing Repair today to discuss how setting up annual maintenance service can help you. Our Las Vegas technicians have experience servicing all types of equipment, and can help make sure your units are running as well as they can.

Learn more about the annual maintenance services our Las Vegas plumbing, heating, and cooling experts offer. Contact us by calling (702) 830-4180 today!

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